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Western Music Academy

Welcome to the Western Music Academy, your gateway to unlocking the world of Music Production and Vocal Training Programs. Whether you're a budding musician, a curious Vocalist, or someone passionate about creating beats and melodies, our Courses are designed to equip you with the skills and knowledge you need.

Online Singing Classes 

Vocal Training 

Welcome to Our Online Singing School

Unleash your inner melody with our diverse range of singing classes! Whether you're passionate about Bollywood, Classical, Pop, Western, Dance, or Karaoke singing, we've got you covered.

Course Overview

Music Production Courses

Learn to harness the potential of Logic Pro and FL Studio in a comprehensive curriculum that covers:

  1. Basics of Sound: Understand the fundamentals of sound and its properties.

  2. Basic Knowledge of Scale & Chords: Grasp the building blocks of music theory.

  3. Knowledge of DAW: Dive into the features and functions of your chosen DAW.

  4. Knowledge About Hardwares & Softwares: Explore the hardware and software components essential to music production.

  5. Importance of Plugins: Discover the role of plugins in shaping your sound.

  6. How to Make Melodies: Craft captivating melodies that resonate.

  7. Effects And Processing: Master the art of audio effects and processing.

  8. Music Production Using Virtual Instruments: Create lifelike music with virtual instruments.

  9. How to Work on Samples: Manipulate samples to create unique sounds.

  10. Live Instrument Recordings: Learn techniques for recording live instruments.

  11. Vocal Recordings: Capture and enhance vocals for your tracks.

  12. Mixing & Mastering: Polish your tracks through professional mixing and mastering techniques.

  13. How to Distribute Songs Worldwide: Navigate the world of music distribution and sharing.

Music Production Courses

  • Course Duration: 3 Months

  • Class Duration: 2 hours per session, 3 days a week

  • Class Format: 1 Hour Theory + 1 Hour Practical in our state-of-the-art Studio

What You'll Receive

What You'll Receive

  • Certificate of Completion: Validate your skills with our course completion certificate.

  • 2 Original Projects: Showcase your newfound abilities with two original projects.

  • Free License Copy of DAW: You Will Receive a License Copy worth 18000₹ of your chosen DAW after Completion of the Course.

  • Free Sample Packs: Access a collection of diverse sample packs worth 100GB.

Fees Structure

Pay in 3 EASY EMIs

Choose the payment option that suits you best

  • One Time Payment: ₹75,000.00

Pay in EMIs

       Option 1:

  • First Month: ₹45,000.00

  • Second Month: ₹35,000.00

    Option 2:

  • First Month: ₹45,000.00

  • Second Month: ₹25,000.00

  • Third Month: ₹20,000.00

  • Enroll today to kickstart your music production journey with Western Music Academy!

  • For inquiries and registration, contact us at or call us at +91 839 0000 211.

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