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Tips to Upload without Error/Hold



For a seamless release, follow these artwork rules:

✅ Use 3000x3000 pixel jpeg/jpg format.
✅ Include all credits or none (composer, singer, lyrics).
✅ Display the song name.
✅ credits of the song should match with the credits on the artwork/poster
✅ Studio and artist logos are okay.

❌ No white lines, black bands, app logos, dates, emails, or numbers.
❌ Artwork with similar designs on multiple songs will get rejected by Apple music
❌ No pixelated or stretched images.

⚠️ If your artwork is rejected for these reasons, we may charge for corrections. We're here to help you showcase your music beautifully.


Audio Track Guidelines

✅ Please name the audio track with the name of your song
✅ Only WAV or MP3 file is accepted
✅ The length of the track should not be less than 1 min 2 secs
❌ There should not be a Blank Space in the Audio at the End More then 2 Seconds 


Copyright Compliance Checklist:


✅ Originality: Verify that your music is entirely original. Using copyrighted material without permission can lead to legal complications.


 Remixes, Covers, Lofi, and Copyrights: We do not approve remixes, covers, or lofi tracks that you don't have the proper copyrights for. Ensure you have the necessary permissions or licenses before uploading such content.


Happy Uploading: Once you've confirmed that your music is original and you have the required rights, you're all set! You can confidently upload music.


Protect your creative work and potential royalties by following these guidelines. We're here to support you in sharing your music with the world, and ensuring copyright compliance is a crucial step in that journey.


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